Save Electricity & Money the Easy Way with the Electric Saver 1200 device! This device not only saves you money but also protects your appliances and HVAC systems from electrical spikes and surges.

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The AC Energy Saver Chip can save an additional 14-20% savings on your Air Conditioning or Heating System.

Most manufacturers program their HVAC systems from the factory to run 90 seconds after the compressor cycles off. However recent studies have shown that you can improve the efficiency of your property’s HVAC system by adjusting your fan’s run time to your climate.

By sensing how long your compressor fan is running and adjusting the run time to get maximum efficiency from your HVAC unit, you save energy and money. Avoid breaking your piggy bank and paying out thousands of dollars! Traditional HVAC companies want you to continue upgrading to the newest most efficient HVAC model that they have designed.

Make your existing model as efficient as possible and start saving NOW!